Abella fruit is marketed under the Integrated Production seal, which guarantees quality, safety and environmental protection, and with Global-G.A.P, QS and GRASP certifications.


Integrated production responds to responsible consumers’ demands for quality and food safety and is a system for the production of quality foods according to methods that respect human health and the environment.


Abella guarantees protection of the environment and of the health of consumers and farmers through techniques of production, marketing and processing that involve:

  • Minimal use of agrochemicals and fertilisers in the production of foods.
  • Implementation of processes that encourage diversity in the agricultural ecosystem, as they respect native flora and fauna and enhance conservation of the rural environment and landscape.
  • Production based on techniques involving modern technical and scientific expertise.
  • Intensive production to enhance the competitiveness of our products.
  • We are working on an ambitious plan to reduce pesticides and fertilizers, giving priority to the use of biological control techniques and the use of naturally occurring non-synthetic pesticides and fertilizers that achieve a level of “0 waste” in our fruits.


Food safety protocols in crops:

Food safety protocols in the treatment center:

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