Our Brand

In 2011, we created the “Abella Fruits” brand, to directly market our crops, a premium quality product, where we control the entire production process: from the field, planting, selection of the best varieties, harvesting, handling and packaging up to the marketing, so that the fruit is delivered to the shelves of shops all over the world in perfect condition.

The brand name, Abella, which means “bee” in English, is a true declaration of intent; we are like these industrious insects with our steady efficient labour.

It represents our respect for nature, which we achieve by using alternative methods in the fight against pests and diseases; the entire production is marketed under the Integrated Production seal which guarantees the quality and safety as well as the protection of the environment.

We seek the ecological balance of the soil which has fed us for three generations.

We continually work so that the best fruit, which we cultivate in a region as small as the “Huerta de Lleida” can be enjoyed all over the world.


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